MFO Medical Family Office

​Avenue J-D Maillard 3

1217 Meyrin - Geneva



T : +41 (0)848 767 636


MFO Medical Family Office is based in Geneva. It was created by four specialists in emergency medicine at Hôpital de La Tour who wanted to offer a personalised service to their patients.


This unique customised emergency service is tailored to your individual needs and adapted to your lifestyle, business travel, family holidays and health status.


With MFO you are prepared for all emergencies.


Dr Francis Meier


Senior medical officer in the Emergency Department of Hôpital de la Tour in Meyrin, Dr. Francis Meier is a specialist in internal and emergency medicine (SSMUS) and co‑author of “Urgences à domicile”, which was awarded a special prize by the Edimed jury in 2003.

He used to be a medical consultant for Touring Club Suisse (repatriation for health reasons/ETI) and senior medical officer in the Fire and Emergency Department (SIS) of the city of Geneva . He teaches at the Ambulance School in Geneva.

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