Medical emergencies do not always occur under exceptional circumstances. Regardless of your general health, they can also catch you unawares while you are going about your daily business.

What to do, what decision to make, when you don’t have access to your personal doctor and medical dossier?

MFO Medical Family Office

​Avenue J-D Maillard 3

1217 Meyrin - Geneva



T : +41 (0)848 767 636


A response service managed by senior emergency doctors.

You will be consulted directly by one of our doctors 24/7. Once the diagnosis has been established, the necessary treatment will be started immediately to deal with your emergency.


A personal and confidential dossier.

Your computerised medical dossier enables the doctors to consult your medical history. The dossier is updated after each intervention and forwarded to your treating physician. Thanks to the Wisekey security system, the information in your dossier remains confidential.


Modular personalised equipment.

Your medical case is a real mobile pharmacy containing all of your required medication. It also contains selected telemedicine equipment. You will receive training in the use of the different appliances. Additional items can be included depending on your destination. Each case is unique and fully adapted to the patient’s profile.

Excellence in Emergency Medicine

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